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About the artist

I am a Wisconsin based artist who works in black and white and shades of grey.  My medium of choice is pen, watercolor, and linocut printmaking.

My training

I believe I can refer to myself as "self-taught" as I do not have a degree in art.  I have acquired my skills from books, YouTube videos, inexpensive online classes, and a few expensive college classes.

Themes and goals of my work

First, my art represents my struggle with the fear of death and represents my progression toward an acceptance of death.  My work can be seen as a modern memento mori in which reminders of death encourage us to value what little time we have left.  These pieces also serve as a reminder that death is a part of our lives, and that when we die we return to the earth and give life.  My art also speaks about my struggle with an autoimmune disease which consumes my bones and about my fear of becoming disabled.  In my work I try to create a surrealistic environment that provides escape and empowerment in my battle with chronic pain.  I find solace in the natural world when I feel trapped in a body that is destroying itself.

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